It didn't start at the diagnosis

My mom has Lewy Body Dementia. The diagnosis is so accurate, her symptoms and behaviors aligned so well its like checking items off your grocery list - Got it, Check! Reflecting back - My family feels it had started at least 3-5 years early. As we all compare notes on unique conversations or situations that really seemed ODD at the time, but there was no explanation. Fast forward 3-5 years and Lewy is the explanation.

Ground Zero Oddity: We were at the grocery store loading up the cart as we made our maiden adventure tot he family cabin like we have done for the past 20+ years. When I asked mom how many "bags of salad" she wanted me to get she got instantly cross and asked me why I would want something we have never eaten before?" ( We have bought these for years) I mumbled under my breath - Okay , whatever and walked away not getting any salads. This wasn't life alternating by anymeans, just odd more like a "note to self" kind of odd. THIS was the beginning...

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