It was shocking when another box got checked off...

When tragedy strikes, many people come to the rescue by telling you to "read" a special book that helped them through a similar situation...As kind and well intended as that may be, we are in the middle of triage and don't really have time to sit and read. Could you just give us the highlights? The need-to-know points? Granted a diagnosis isn't a typical tragedy as one thinks of potential devastation, but the fact that not only my mother's, but our family's trajectory has been greatly taken off course. I had mentioned in a previous blog that my mom is checking off all the boxes one by one of symptoms that come with Lewy body dementia. I have been reading, i uploaded digitally so I can sneak in snippets when she is napping, waiting at the doctors etc. An item on the list mentions when they seperate, cut and stack perfect squares of tissue. "That's odd, I thoguht to my self, my mom won't do that - she's not THAT bad!"I had finished that chapter walked into the other room and here beside her on the table was a neatly cuts, perfectly measured, stack of tissues. My heart sunk.

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